Birdie Stitches of the Month

I love embroidering but I don’t do it much. I came across this block of the month though that featured embroidery and the patterns were right up my alley. Here is block one:


And block two:


I washed the white fabric so it wouldn’t shrink in the wash, which I still think was a good move. however, I washed the charm pack used for the border (I should have just been able to quarter each 5×5 square to make each little square) and they shrank too, of course, so they weren’t quite 5×5 anymore. What a mess. The first one, I did the best I could and just did the seam allowance smaller than I usually do and trimmed them up at the end. The second one, I cut the charm squares in half, sewed them together and then cut the long strip in half so I made two sides with one cut. WAY easier.

The Birdie block of the month can be found here and if you look over on the right hand side she has a link to each block so far and the supply list. Super fun.

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