My Very First Quilt

After my little girl was born in 2009, I wanted to make something girly for her. I always admired quilting but thought it was WAY too hard for me, I didn’t even know where to get started. I came across Oh Fransson and she had a great step by step tutorial on getting started. I found a quilt I liked over at Retromummy and decided to give it a shot. I had NO idea the quilt I was making was a twin size quilt. šŸ™‚ I just saw it and liked it and started cutting. After I pieced the first row I realized I had bitten off quite a big hunk for my first quilt!! It all turned out ok though and by the end of it, I had free-hand quilting down pretty well. šŸ™‚

See? It doesn’t look that big does it?



And RIGHT behind that was my second quilt:


Maybe I had a bit of a thing for Amy Butler fabrics. šŸ™‚ I really need to post a picture of that finished quilt. It’s backed with a minky rip off and straight line quilted, my daughter sleeps under it every night. I LOVE that quilt. Probably my favorite so far.

the second one was CONSIDERABLY better, especially the corners. Again, the Oh Fransson tutorials are awesome. That pattern is here.

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