Too Much in the Queue

September totally got by me!  I’ve been working on my September birdie block and I’m ALMOST finished, thank goodness since October is tomorrow… 🙂  And I started a circle of geese quilt about 3 times over, and started on Kate’s Minnie Mouse Halloween outfit.

Since I don’t have my own photos to share, here are some links to what I’m working on.

Here’s the <a href=”“>template</a> for the circle of geese block… I screwed this block up over and over. 🙂  I was going to make a rainbow block, and only picked out 9 colors instead of 12.  Then I started piecing it backwards, so my rainbow went from purple to red instead of red to purple, and finally, I got one of the four blocks going the right way so then it was ALL screwed up.  Finally I just ditched it and decided to do each circle as a part of the rainbow.  Much better. 🙂  I’m going for nine with a nice geese border to make a good size lap quilt hopefully.

And I started the <a href=”“>Junebug Dress</a> for Kate after seeing in the flickr photos she posted that someone made a Minnie Mouse dress out of that pattern… so cute and I already have the fabric.  I’m done with the bodice, on to the sleeves.  I’ve never made sleeves before so we’ll see how that goes. 🙂

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