French Press Slippers

These are the French Press slippers I just finished making (Ravelry Link).  This is right before I threw them in the wash to felt.

French Press Slippers Pre-Felt by auburn2001grad

I have a front loader, and was a little nervous about how the felting process would go but it went great! I have a Kenmore Elite H2E. I put them on the Sanitary cycle and checked it every 5 minutes at first until I saw how long it was going to take, and then upped that to about 15 minutes. At 5 minutes they were barely starting to felt, at 18 minutes they were getting closer but probably about 2 sizes too big, another 10 minutes and they were just a smidge loose, and another 5 they were perfect. So this is the large size of the pattern, and I wear a 9 and a half and it took me around 33 minutes on extra hot.  I only tried on the left one at each interval, I should have tried them both on, I think I stretched the left one out as I went so the right one is a smidge smaller. 🙂

This is after 18 minutes:

French Press Slippers 18 Minutes

And this is what they looked like 15 minutes after that, right out of the wash. 🙂

French Press Slippers - Fresh out of the wash

Stretched out on my feet, still sopping wet…

French Press Slippers - All Stretched out

And laid out to dry after a cold rinse. You can see the right is just a bit smaller. 🙂 It’s fine though, not uncomfortable.

French Press Slippers - out to dry

They’re still drying, I wasn’t sure if I could wring them out or not so I just left them. Hopefully tonight or tomorrow I can sew the strap on and finish them up. I’ll post a picture when I do.

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